Sunday, December 28, 2003

US Soldiers New-Years Menu in Irak.

French Fries for Irak
and Kentucky Fried Chicken too
Yuppijahee Yuppijajoo
enough now to fry
this soldiers New-Years Menu,my,my,yeah,yeay

Maybe some Britney Spears
& Budweiser will do
for a night far from home
US soldiers out of the blues

Your president Bush
is givin'his New-Years speech!
"America needs Heroes & Myths,
all along in its History
We bombed again in 2003
to declare the world free
All are Terrorist
who don't live after our Idea
Remember if the desert gets hot:
Your biggest present for 2003 is Saddam!
Poor young men from all US to Alabam
be glad & thankfull to your government
to have work overhere & a salary
Praise the Lord & kill for your country!
Poor soldiers mothers should
pray aswell & not mourn
So,make it a nice 2004!
See you in an other Middle-East country soon
for more OIL under our control
See you in any other country by the way
where-ever our US intrests&profits may lay!"

shared by : Bin effe Weg in Oil on The Run


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