Monday, February 09, 2004


Uw zoekbewerking - zeroheroisme - heeft geen overeenkomstige documenten opgeleverd
Geen resultaten voor "zeroheroisme".

Uw zoekbewerking - zeroheroism - heeft geen overeenkomstige documenten opgeleverd
Geen resultaten voor "zeroheroism".





1.   Art and Anti-art do not exist.

2.   All art movements do not exist.

3.   No art movement has ever existed.

4.   Non-movement equals movement.

5.   Names as dada, dadaism, futurism, surrealism and so on, are illusions.

As are all names, concepts, agreements and definitions.

6.   Zeroheroism is a word like any other word.

7.   Zeroheroism is the last of all isms.

8.   Zeroheroism is the ultimate joke.

9.   Zeroheroism is the last stage.

10. Zeroheroism is beyond time and space.

11. Zeroheroism is an act of god.

12. Zeroheroism acknowledges every (human) being to be god.

13. Zeroheroism accepts god can be dead.

14. Zeroheroism is a paradox.

15. Zeroheroism awaits all to accept:

The museum is everywhere.

The museum doesn't stop at the door.


We all are a living theatre.

We are all a living poem.


The stage is everywhere.

The stage exists over it's imagineiry edges.


Nobody is the true artist,

Unless we all are.

16. Zeroheroism encourages people to perform acts of zeroheroism.

17. What are acts of zeroheroism?

Acts of heroism linked to zero.

Inserting zero by all means into everyday life.


This does not necesserilly imply anti-heroism.

Life-affirming culture can also be constructive for a human being.


Full credit may be taken on part of the Creator.

Acts of vanity are encouraged.


As long as the zero hits the spotlight first.

What happens to the ego next is of no importance.

18. Zeroheroism is circular.

19. Zeroheroism is not in a dictionary yet.

20. Let's hope it remains so.




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