Friday, March 04, 2005

Rat Salad, Please 

We're BBQing the rats because we're all out of oatmeal. Try these mint clips on your nipples -? isn't that a refreshing sensation? I like to put them on a half-hour before bedtime for those high-speed dreams we all love so much. Do beach bums go on ski trips? I'm an acorn hermit in the deep "Michigan" woods. I'm the voice you hear when you throw a hamburger wrapper on the ground. No, really ?- everyone's hungry! OK, here's some acorn gruel ?- it's all I eat. Hope you like it, etc.

If no one else has anything to say, I hereby close this meeting. A small rat in the back coughed and demanded an answer to the physics equation in the latest edition of the society's newsletter. If the campers don't return by four or so, I'll call the ATV police.

Hot Dog looked at the clock on the wall -? it was 3:02 and thirteen seconds. Will we ever build another fire? The tocks and ticks have been making me sick since my birthday. I'm going up to the restaurant, after all. You want a turkey sandwich? Soup?

Comment: J. D. Nelson is Antenna Man Now.

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