Saturday, September 03, 2005

Señor Robot Finds a Way to Explain 

zit zz z zit /after work again, /just like we make it in the top notch mornin time, unaccustomed/ delivered\wal*mart bathroom moment 3.

Got an itchy throat, -- deadly typrewriter
s/buttermilk just like we make it in the top notch mornin time, //I found the resultant computer code to fluctutafter the holidays, rea ////attend the ceremony? You have plenty of little people in my coffee mug this kind morning, Joe. "I sure do appreciate you not assassinating me, sir," Joe told the monster, the killer.

Then I might b//meat meat / fuly fill time tip, lookin fer throat medicine, smokey too much for this lungfish back here/ aged cheese like math/with numbers. Glue teeth and teeth glued down to th' red picnic table99.I'll be happy for the day when I can come home from work and still have enough energy to go mood-shooting with Gary Lee and Randall. /odd bobbins, sweet artificial robin's egg of spring mash-rash//

A cheese wheels / marked up for quiet. Oh, then -- this is my natural / we'll all ea vall over / ot trust this data ? taylor at the co-op/this is ritual / nothing at ///homesick -- wrong dead to the world of worlds --e best / ee it / I expect to complete my chores by midnight. / Middle of the night / meddle with my knif/e-e-e-there's a football game in my coffee cup.

There's that art girl with the eyeball tattooed on her left shoulder blade. Robot kitchen work, careful or you might cut your eyeball and then I'm going to have to ask you to clean the tables yourself. Smoked, pepper'd turkey and mild white. Ev'ryone's hungry -- OK, here's some acorn gruel -- it's all I eat. FELT the money MOVE, hooves/ BRAZIL is coming back with Go-hool!

That's a troke will ///in addition, no
onxpensive lot of no, really -- eve / pills --
/new bottle brown will you be able to a/right-rumpled thought wads -- another paper notes, c///plenty of o///]\ock City for an early morning ride in fish if the brakes have been snipped off

//bing! Bad sheep don't look both ways before crossing the creek. Feelin' 'is oats. The clock says ONE/good question, that's what test: one, two, 3 -- we used to call those things ?tortillas' -- scarab cult in ancient/egypt -- this is not he best way in case anyone was wond//broken coins in my red spider (they make that snake stuff right here in old town) nighty-night in the lu / than an empty bag ?/ginger clown brushed up against the circulator bus and smacked out like Mr. Grimshaw.

Scarab butter eleven:a clown [ the corner, blinking in thettle of candy and magic planet, planet of clowns and magic,/ planet out there can't see it in the day timer crowd t --typewriter vases crashing/ sterling silver hook ///café plaza, inhaler/s every single time -- no one ever wants to take me seriously -- jump across the circuitry, p/bout in t / on a nothing about making the wrong turn =//maybe try again next season\\bu///atient? Clown have dirty patches!

How when? Too many monster faces/ too many bunny faces, a mild sweet-top, who has the room? Don't you want to see how things turn -- into the tomb with a bag of corn meal and a dream, the white spider. There went the buzzbell, time for your hot lunch -- who's backing up the new data? Think of my hought it was a jo / time to think of (new lightning kids) thought it was a joke and the kids saw you laughing.

Talking / I'm tempted to see through like I would any other day, but today is a weird one -- that's a //nectar fix for b== the monster, the killer simply can't bring himself to actually assassinate Old Joe.

My official cyber-pet /ninth waffle,bloob.2
Strugh t //bluer than a bucket of milk2 / think u'v heard of every thinking thing? 22 wild children the roof of the thre//2/whitey spider,yer: Joe's running from nothing. Etterpening the hole in the wall offer/ing me/se it was, straight through the eleven/after all, what happened the last time. We killed that ol' ghost, right? Trust this data -- this is ritual / nothing at city.

Who'lease //with the restaurant minds/ broken ark and bible treats for the oklahoma kids, little joe, too. Little joe can't see what's become of the small town, shot over like shadow packs of wally licorice smokes from the duckwalls, back then it used to be ok to be a smoke head, nice
left hand -- flaming fingers and puffing of ear clouds blue background for the effects buffs, but this one's as big as the back of the sky, my time flying with the real birds and the flock number never came up again until now: lightning bugs shiver in a/gain / this button will lip back into a state of reality and we all /he used to be the this is the breakfast messag / what world? / an excuse.

//I expect to complete my chores by /// ven -- strange harvest. We stayed home and l. ng said /favoritemidnight. / when s / extra effort from everyone /ago, it was prophecized that you'd warning, I t/no coaster!)) -- remember -- time for the burrito head to stumble out of his lettuce bed and paint the walls with gospel. Six heads can't recall, no one said anything about a test. Shaven ///contents of a small pyramidical (battle box)this is the precious time, every time./ B,dia-mond sand-wichings -- delicious god with bacon wraps, breakfast cakes at 4-forty-5/lil' snot at the top of mt. Cougar, 445 am: this is my favorite hoould make the best vegeering in the ?undead? frozen squad car, p:who's got time for moving?

//they tell me that my money is taxes for the shelter fund but what about the other americans? Hey world I'm starving, too -- take this back to the falafel dude and get some of that rosewater lemonade while you're there -- here's five dollars and my chimichanga wrapper. Eat and goofing th -- that hot sauce made me spit fie, dude. Not coming out cold and it's costing them -- getting worse, b///

the coffee td / up in t / s/buttermilk //the jazz leaked through -- it has //they go off over there back behind the equipment shed on this high school day back here over by the construction dumpsters// the second unit has been outscoring the shot of energy//lookin for those scaly bugs in the old man's desert///last chance, please?

Wable (and monkey flash whenever you're //meat / remove the jazz cork, dog/ number two :this is ritual / nothing at city. W/ concerned city zen -- marked off at the top in red (deep spider red) glue station next door to the animal hospital -- no! took that old thing camping for two weeks before the rash started again -- there was nothing I could do, so I packed everything up and drove back to Old Town.

It's not a hospital! And mild white cheese or wno one else has anything to say, Joe's morning // shadowing out in the background, the real monster sits and sips his cocoa. There will be plenty left over for the kids this time////with / op! Map of the caves -- on the ground. Got a really red throat -- haste and the grey/the monkey wd of cabbage gas tea is try making up an I won't be able to pair. Making me ask for t+ no, no, no! taking my talkie pillow/eat more green, tea pit and j. was there.

Pills optical (nothing more frightening feather I looked over at the chalkboard and decided to make up my own examples -- I was going to teach myself to read.// coa / I'm not e/ in the riverbed, but you MUST PAY ATTN! BRAZIL and blind, I h cheese or
watercress -- what happened snot to [hot chocolate]? Web flight of cheese wheelings to an(other)tiger flight to the windy country w my badback, vodka for breakfast with a squint at the mocking SUN! softer than soft soap, honest, Joe! They used to bake babies up into pies with treadless tires and bungleberries from the prickly bushes down by suicide hill -- my cat wolf is buried out there. In addition, no onxpensive lot of cheese wheels / this is my moon love, my blind white bat with the blue and green plastic tips implanted in his ears000/

//the jazz leaked through -- it has ///h//ne////yer: J///tural / we'll all ea vall over / ot trust this data -- this is ritual / nothing at city. data in this/ back in old town with a bottle of warm beer and nothing to open it with, not even a prairie dog. Sleeping data mice/I thought I heard rats laughing -- bust.k Asleep at the wool //h//ne////yer: J///tural / he's had 32 twice this year? /we'll all ea vall over / ot trust this data -- /y special space-omething from the tomb of ancient scrolls /get numbers and lines back from student= LEAN into the wind, amigo! You have what it takes to /// (the end of the world) the end of the world, as if I were ///s looking up at my new clock? Time & temp/my mind attack begins with the regular sevens: 7+7+7/ we're the h/oo/twin planets2/survive life ife or something --scale zero and notes going go!

\carrier ghost --I meant ply pliers, the recipe is from the squirrel hermit who lives in the outer thrush / hope you like key //I expect to complete my chores by midnight. Can't s / typewriter all over again / had a dream of twenty numbers? Eleven, eleven, eleven, eleven, eleven -- that's only ten? And a time-out called.

Comment: J. D. Nelson eats moon gruel: http://www.MadVerse.com

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