Monday, October 31, 2005

Homeland Security 

home    safety     begins at     police hq
classes begin xox home villa
tomorrow for never le in
mr.me. "I" arned to pray/ Ur
exx -I- read x zigg
exx .I. orxwrite Ur
pecked tube xox "0"
ALERT "I" xox fire steam
but -oat cam den
I'll need some xox p hila.
coff- xoee e e e
coff coff .I. xoee ee e e
lozenges with xoreal e
vitamin I- xobeef heart
C "I" xozar clone
jury-I- xoklon psy
duty, junk. xox wh o o o
drawer, "I" xox o o o
bureau -I- needs o
of dread. itx/ iced?
con-n-n "I" stance I e
eccct -I- etc. e
e/d yet? yep e

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