Saturday, January 10, 2004

Blue Eggs  

This is the age to declare
clean spirit opium rage,
cos'too many people
in dispirit and despair.
This is the age to declare
clear spirit opium rage,
'till children aren't
raised anymore
in a prefab guilt or fear cage.
Cos' too much cocaine
makes plastic dolls reign
a government of ecstasy
whispering in brains:
take a pill and you feel free,
touch a moment your real wanna-be.
We took you mind over:
Advertising is your short hang-over.
The innocent soul
is robbed by governments
financial action game.
War game,insane in the membrain.
Governement pyramid
power frame.
Pitiless government
for common innocent people.
The pitfall to common innocent people
kept Ibiza & co short blind
in fear & exalt ecxess
vomiting stress.
Exhausted & quick worn out
Love,Light & factory walls doubt & shout
'till dead -looks
under shadows of
golden, false eye-lashes
in cars sharing same fraude.
Rulers of the world
still offering them
hour after hour in power
at the end a facelift and some speed
to consume in handcuffs
and offer to the god of desire & greed,
while innocent nature bleeds.
So sing this song out of tune:
On earth we have some fools
who create blue eggs on the moon
in tune,in tune,in tune!
In this silicon,plastic,liposuctionland
clap your hands all together now
and do some fleshy,sexy hamburgerstand
While an amazon has one tit
and a lightened warrior an amazing prick
we all make you beg for it!
to raise your mind so you find
that your all are a sculptor
of your innocent born soul
while government wants to destroy
control and outrageous power- rule.
So if looks could kill
they probably will
in games without frontiers
while governments wank horny
on your after-party tears,
while you suck & whipe your ass
in the same way as the child you were
That were your bright days my friend !
where you played in soul
under own shining,bare,free innocent control!
Resistance is dangerous governments say
while every night shortsighted in envy to their gods of greed & desire they try to pray.

shared by : Wosky


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