Friday, January 23, 2004


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Events by Nam June Paik


Audience seat are tied up to backs before performance.

Date unknown

Fluxus Hero or Heroine (For Frank Trowbridge)

Piss on the subway tracks and thus stop the train.

Date unknown

Zen for Street

Adult in lotus posture & eyes half shut positions himself in a baby carriage (perambulator) and is
pushed by another adult or several children through a shopping center or calm street.

Date unknown

Dragging Suite

Drag by a string along streets, stairs, floors: large or small dolls, naked or clothed dolls, broken, bloody or new dolls, real man or woman, musical instruments, etc.

Date unknown

Atom Bomb Victim

Two uniformed men wearing gas masks carry on a stretcher an "atom bomb victim," a woman, half of the body prepared in a manner of cruel wounds and deformations, the other half in a sex-feast.

Date unknown

Moving Theater

Fluxus fleet of cars and trucks drives into crowded city during rush hour. At the appointed time, all drivers stop cars, turn off engines, get out of cars, lock doors, take keys and walk away.

Date unknown


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