Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Bloody Horror 

Last words from knl. Kurz in Apocapypse now:

It's impossible for words to describe what is necessary to thos who do not know what horror means.
Horror has a face...
And you must make a friend of horror.
Horror and moral terror are your friends.
If they are not,
Then they are ennemies to be feared.
Then they are truly ennemies.

I've seen young men drop fire on people...
But their commanders won't allow me to write FUCK
On their aeroplanes,
Because it's obscene!

Bloody Man
DIRECT ART (also Viennese Actionism). A group of Austrian artists - Otto Muhl, Hermann Nitsch and Gunter Brus called themselves at one point the "Vienna Institute for Direct Art". At first these artists produced violent action paintings and crude assemblages but they become dissatisfied with the secondary nature of painting and sculpture: they sought a form of expression that was more immediate and direct.

During the early 1960s they organized a series of "actions" similar to the "happenings" of New York that become notorious because of their brutal, sadomasochistic content involving nakedness, blood, and the destruction ofanimal corpses. The movement was also known as "Wiener Aktionismus", the central idea of which was "material action", i.e. the insistence that rituals and ceremonies must be real - direct, literal events - not pretended events as in conventional drama. Nitsch's events took places under rubric of "Orgy Mystery Theater" (O-M Theatre). The Italian critic Lea Vergine called their work "Irritart" because it functioned as social irritant.


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