Friday, February 27, 2004

The WestWood's Great Reform 

There is movement inside the WestWood, slow and steady but unstoppable. It can almost be called a movement, but not just yet. For now it is a soft glide towards new form, a gentle revolution, a oncoming upgrade. A time for change (not unlike the golden 60's, that time of debauchery some of us long for still).
We sympathise with you, dear reader, we always have. We like you and want you to know it. We are sorry not to have given you all we had. But we can still ! Therefore, The WestWood will change and grow into a new thing. Plans are being drawn at this very moment, thoughts put into words and hopeful meetings held (yet scarcely attended). Give us some more of your patience and we will reward you. Start thinking of what you want the WestWood to be and we will pick up those ideas with our Brain Wave Neural Combobulator™ (patent pending). It's going to be virtual, is all we can say right now. Pass on the word and check back soon. A new wind is rising !

Beginselverklaring door De Antistresspoweet


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