Monday, February 16, 2004

Zero in Time : M A Y A N - T I M E 

take some time for this enlightning study on history of time,
a key for our journey to the day
Ahau 4 (21 december 2012)

In this time of constant change two great currents are forming a constancy. One is a destructive current. And if you look at a more subtle level you'll discern the other one as creation.
Anyone must be realising by now that we are ahead of immense global changes. But let's remain clear here: this is not another negative and apocalyptic vision; and global change doesn't mean that there will be total destruction. Moreover, the beginning of the next millennium will also be an intense preparation of a new society based on value and renewed harmony of man with it's planet earth. Some do call it a new age, but beyond therapy, alternative approaches, sects and cults, and inner transformation, we are speaking hear about HISTORY. History which repeats itself. And thus is our Future.
The understanding of cyclic time and cyclic history is a key factor for dealing with the upcoming years.

from The Mayan Visionary Gallery

more ahau : by blanko


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