Thursday, March 18, 2004

the love for error 

Ok. I guess I am ready now. When Slö asked me to write some lines about Antistresspoetry, I didn’t have a clue as to where to begin. Now, we’re almost four months FURTHUR. Slö’s been working his ass off on this site… And I’m not just talking about the beautiful pictures and artwork he’s been sharing with us. I really wanna take a moment a public one to thank him for his willfullness and perseverance. If I would have been alone, none of this would have happened. For one, I have only a basic idea of html (a slang computers seem to speak, hm). Secondly, and maybe more important, I am too much of an emotional freak. Without the help of others, I wouldn’t be able to make it last. Now, there’s a lot of I’s around. But it’s you I want to thank! I know you’ll be the first to read these lines. So, now we’ve made our gratitude public. And I think it’s important. What do you think? This is what’s it’s all about: creating value and valuable stuff. Creating self+esteem.

M. once said to me: Hey, it’s what he likes doing best. Well, isn’t that swell: Doing what you like best. And being appreciated for this. That’s the all+ball+game+clue. Think of Bob Dylan. The soundtrack of Easy Rider. I’m only bleeding. Blues yes. But it’s only the people not doing what they would like to do who are laughing with the people who choose to be free. For that matter, have a ball analysing or defining freedom. To quote J. Nicholson in Easy Rider: “It’s another thing telling someone they are not free. Before you know, they’ll get busy killing and maiming.” And so on. This is important: There is no need to explain to someone about freedom. It is important you live the Mystery. And before we know, someone will come along and will help us materially… The content may shift from hard to soft, from sad to glad, from logical to contradictory… It should be of no importance to us. What we are doing is unique. It doesn’t make any of the things we do more unique than the things ‘others’ are ‘suppossedly’ doing. We’re all just doing unique stuff.

Each person’s that has made something for these pages, woman or man, white or black, midget or a giant… Each one of us is valuable. All we do and/or create, is valuable. All. Why punish ourselves? Why keep screwing ourselves unless it helps us free our selves into a united awareness. That’s why thanking ourselves is one of the best things we can do. The content ‘an sich’ (for it self) should not be important. Who is to judge? Judge your self first. There won’t be no second to judge. Not in time. Not in space. We can be governed by demons for a while. But being an everlasting demon is pretty hard for a human being. In this way, our society has been changing (as well atomically, as universally) some time now. Some of us are born woman, and change to man. Some of us are born black, and plastic their skin to white. Whatever your joy is… That’s up to you! But the vision that’s bursting thru, the vision we are being shared… is a holistic one. One where every particle is as important as the next. One where each particle reflects the whole. One where each particle contains the information of the whole (as in a holographic image combined with the relative structure of a kaleidoscope).

If such a thing as the war on terror exists, we maybe are here to give a counterweight to this specific worldview by declaring the love for error! Yes, we make mistakes. We are bloody imperfect. We can only be perfect thanks to our imperfection(s). That’s why the coming years we’ll see a revival of expressionism. Call it zero+expressionism. Whatever. We’re rocking the same boat over here. We are giving each other/our selves the opportunity to make mistakes. And that’s when we can start talking about a group. Do not misinterpret mistakes. At all times, I have observed this in my life: letting the mistake happen is a guaranteed way to be creative. Someone telling you they can’t be creative, is just someone who wants to keep up (to smaller or larger extent) repetitive (otherwise known as neurotic) behaviour or (in other words) repetitive patterns WITHOUT looking into these patterns. Actually, this is what we all do: we try to avoid looking into the mirror of our thought patterns, also known as emotional complexes. To keep it simple: If there is to be a possibility to help each other, the best help we can offer always will be making each other aware or more (self) aware (if you like)… of these patterns. A mistake is an act of god. Ever wondered why you get angry? Because god can be angry also. Can’t cut it any shorter…

A circular mouvement. Lines are cut. Circles don’t have to be cut. They are drawn. Like guns. Or, with imagination: A group of individuals extending the message to all individuals. The only group. The lonely group. The only group that could never be a group by the nature of it’s definition, though it is a group… The zero group. Imperfection as an act of heroism. A closed circle equalling an open circle. A possible impossibility. A visionary touch: we are more+dimensional if we rely on our intuition. Stress leads us to deeds we would have never performed. The anger, the pain that boils up from deep within… Release the stress thru sex, thru violence, thru art… All becomes one performance. The scream. And we have friends that allow us to scream. Primal. Invite every one to a primal scream. Joining hands in harmony. Releasing each other’s stress. Stressfree poetry. No stress. Nostres, the latin root for ‘ours’ (nôtre, unsere). Maybe, we should try to find the translation of this in all known languages? The essence of an Antistressbrigade is that there shouldn’t even be one in the first place. Just another name for an eternal game (dadaism, situasionism, fluxus and so on).

Anyway, that’s all for today folks. Remember: We’re all the guru. And if you’re not into these words… Invent some of your own. Use our webspace to go thru the full length of what you wish to express. One day, you’ll make something happy. Another moment, your creation will be sad. Another day, you’ll make somebody happy. One day, we’ll have an argument. Maybe, we’ll even hate each other… For a while. Nothing lasts forever. So, some other day, we’ll all love one and other. And we’ll want to hug and lovingly support one and other. And the last day, we’ll all think: ‘Wait a minute: It’s all the same f’king day!’ And a minute later, we’ll all be genetically transformed into a perfect copy of Janice Joplin. What a boring world it would be. So, maybe you just make us happy if you disagree. That’s ZEROHEROISM for me today.

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