Friday, March 05, 2004

S*U*N*S*H*I*N*E / esse est percipi 

Today, I experienced an incredible uplifting feeling. A kind of feeling I didn’t seem to have had for a long time… A feeling that everything is going to be perfectly fine. The world is a sunshine. It may rain. It may be heavily clouded. It may be impossible to see the sun. Yet, our world is a sunshine. What I felt today may only lift me up for a while. Maybe soon I will go asunder again. Most important message I got for You: No matter how clouded my thoughts and passions go, I keep on going. No matter how many strokes of negative thoughts, still I shall keep on going. For I know life is eternal and indestructible. And eventually we will all see the rays of light shine thru every (human) being, thru all creation, thru every thing. What religion you believe in… What colour of skin or eyes you have: does not matter… What clothes you wear: does not matter… What possessions you have or don’t: does not matter… Light and love permeate every thing and every one. So, forgive me for my bad moods, my anger, my hatred, my loss of patience, my grief, my supposed malfunctions and so on. Please. Please do understand that _not unlike you_ I am going thru phases of rebirthing. This is why I share following words with you. Words I heard coming from my deepest centre. Please accept these positive affirmations. I share them with you for free.

I am aware my body is healing.

I am aware I am a successful person.

I am aware I receive golden opportunities every day.

I am aware I can feel good.

I am aware I feel good.

I am aware I attract beautiful people.

I am aware You can be a beautiful person.

I am aware You are a beautiful person.

I am aware You are helping me.

I am aware You are light for me.

I am aware You are love.

Signed and shared by:

a stressfree poet.

shared by : Zhlanko

reaction :

esse est percipi,
zei Berkeley al. zijn is waargenomen worden;
zijn is waarnemen, en dan bedoel ik
waar-nemen - wat je ervaart als waar aannemen.
op die manier kom je zo bij
truth is beauty
op naar schoonheid van de ervaring.
be aware.



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