Monday, March 08, 2004

White Roses 

In Cowards Silence
dead Rose offered
afterwards Love
praised :declared unsure.

In Cowards Silence

dead Roses
eager put
on Graves too soon

In Cowards Silence

White Roses
cut in the name
of conditional
rusted games

In Cowards Silence

White Roses
were already alienated
and not scared at all

In Cowards Silence

White Roses
painted Red;
wandering through ugly,
they smoulder and destroy.
Pure Red
were their Deeds.
Grave only covered
with Black Seeds
in a beautiful same Soil,
that just enjoyed
already bleeds.

Cowards can't but
sit and wait
'till Fear or Guilt disappears

White Roses
have Love trembling Leaves
and Thorns,
born gentle Touch
and by Evil touched
'till they scratch
blood on hands & faces:
the Reason why
in acts of
Spontanity or Rudeness
they're often cut
to die an early Death

shared by :
wosky (21/02/04)


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