Saturday, April 10, 2004

Silly Sea-sick in Sex 

(c) Peter Dircken

Silly Sea-sick in Sex

The man said:
"Last night I went sea-sick
on top of my sex-doll,
she was to gonflated"

"And what I mostly hated;
very soon she exploded,
just when I was so immense loaded"

"The neighbours knocked my door,
Listen,they said,what a hullabaloo
Leave us in peace and go to a whore"

"So I went out on the street,
smelled no plastic,saw lots of uncovered meat;
but what I mostly hated:
this meat looked so artificial perfectionated"

"So I went home alone
and recovered for the night
my hand and it's drive?
After all:In the morning,
in the erotic store
I meet my brandnew plastic sex-doll-wife"

"In case she gets an exploding rebel
like the one before
Guess I'll buy me a knife nextdoor;
cut her in pieces and throw her out the door"

"As you can see,
my sex-life makes progress all the time:
two women touching,a couple,a trio,
milkgiving breasts and mmm... children,
all yours and mine,
so I choose to get horny
on money and power scan-web I slime"

"As you can see,my sex-life makes,
unnatural- but- kick- progress all the time
in plum,prune,plastic,psychopatic prime time."

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