Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Bush takes Greenpeace to court 

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Tue 10 May 2005

Question: What do the following have in common?
A tall blonde
A 55 year old teenage runaway
A top Miami lawyer
A Brazilian legislator
The US Attorney general, John Ashcroft
A former Clinton aide
A death threat
19th century brothels
Oh... and a lot of trees

Answer: Greenpeace

Throughout the 33-year history of Greenpeace the most unexpected people have come together to protect the environment and used non- violent direct action to highlight environmental crimes and injustice.

But this collection is perhaps one of the most extraordinary. What they do in the coming weeks could have significant implications not only for the future of Greenpeace in the United States, but also for civil disobedience and the right to freedom of speech for all in America and even beyond.

Next week, on May 17th, Greenpeace USA will be under threat of being declared a criminal organisation at the behest of the US Attorney General, under an obscure law that has been invoked only twice in its 130 years on the statute books - the last time was more than 100 years ago.

Individual activists have been prosecuted in the past for carrying out action in support of Greenpeace campaigns worldwide - it is not unusual, and those individuals are prepared to take the consequences of their actions.


Ashcroft vs. Greenpeace Overview

Join the Greenpeace cyberactivist community and start making waves.


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