Sunday, May 09, 2004

>How do you explain the face of the American soldier, leering over the faceless, naked bodies to a child? How do you explain the sick, twisted minds? How do you explain what is happening to a seven-year-old?<

by riverbend

sean spoke of america, as a whole, losing it's flag...it's pride and meaning...america losing what it stands for due to back handed tactics and political jargon...we do not invade...we liberate...it all makes so much sense to me now...we could not fly the flag because of a word...we could not fly the flag because where our flag goes it brings a trail of war with it...we conquer...we assimilate...we americanize...we outpost and fortify......we do these things and the world sees it...the world bears witness and it testifies...
flying flag=invading force
hidden flag=friendly, helpful neighbor
the american flag does not fly in iraq...

by turningtables

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