Wednesday, May 26, 2004


Advice for the youths of today: get from down under the system... there’s plenty of room at the bottom... there’s space enough to get all of your fantasies organised born onto the world: all the fruits of your imagination... make your own newspaper write it with pen and paper or type it on an old typewriter copy it at a copy centre or find a nice office and do it for FREE ‘the’ system talks about money and costs and competition and advertising and marketing... f*ck ‘them’ up they’re dead anyway and ‘the’ system don’t exist do it YOURSELF on a small scale that’s how the antistressgazetta got started using old typewriters hands and pens and free copy centres USE THE POWER OF YOUR IMAGINATION & VISUALIZE YOUR PHANTASY surely your ideas aren’t any more crazy than the ideas of people at the head of the oil and other concerns controlling or at least trying to control our world while they never will USE YOUR FREEDOM BEFORE THEY TAKE IT AWAY FROM YOU (with two television-sets and two cars and so on) your power is limitless like your imagination completely free learn to appreciate the rules of nature as you flow thru life: once you’re up then you’re down: nothing to fear MOTHER EARTH CARIES YOUR FEET like water caries a peace of wood... you have the potential to INFLUENCE HUMANITY THRU YOUR ART THE MUSIC YOU CREATE YOUR LANGUAGE YOUR WAY OF THOUGHT YOUR VIBRATION like a butterfly spreading it’s beautiful wings proudly from a long cocoon-dream and vibrates to the other side of the world or the whole universe for that matter YOUR UNIVERSE go out and create your own garden(s) of Eden * let go of this commercialised society * get lost * find wilderness * find extacy * go naked into the forest of life * be(come) A LIVING THEATRE EVERY SECOND YOU LIVE * breathe freedom * XPERIMENT * do make time° for life for your friends for a beautiful stranger for extacy and bliss for love for paradise lost for paradise found (DMT°) DO MAKE TIME for LOVE

Captain Zero

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