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Zero in Four Dimensions: 

Cultural, Historical, Mathematical, and Psychological Perspectives

"A delightful site for writers and lovers of words and language. It is all about the number zero, its place in the history, philosophy, and world literatures.

We have heard of calling someone 'a total zero' as an insult, but what does 'zero' really mean? This thoughtful and informative Website from Dr. Hossein Arsham, Wright Distinguished Research Professor of Statistics and Management Science at the University of Baltimore, discusses the history and philosophy of zero.
Items presented in this site include arguments for and against dividing by zero, the ideas of zero as a void and as a number, zero in limits, square roots, and divergent series and floating points. The text is peppered with links to related mathematics, computer science, and history of mathematics sites. The Zero Saga is a good read for mathematicians, college and graduate level students in mathematics, or anyone interested in logic.

A discussion of the mathematical problems associated with the number zero. The purpose of this page is to raise students and teachers awareness of issues with zero and other numbers. Imprecise mathematical thinking is by no means unknown. But, argues Dr. Arsham, we need to think more clearly if we are to keep out of trouble. This site is entertaining and educational, two concepts that need to go together in math education. The Menu has links to quickly bring the viewer to the desirable section. Scrolling through the document is also an option

Presents a historical and cultural views of Zero including detailed account of the Islamic Culture to its major development and its influence into European Culture which enabled scientists to do computations which were not possible with the dominated Roman numbers with serious drawbacks including lack of zero."

Zero Saga

Numbers Rule the Universe.

-- Pythagoras

The introduction of zero into the decimal system in the 13th century was the most significant achievement in the development of a number system, in which calculation with large numbers became feasible. Without the notion of zero, the descriptive and prescriptive modeling processes in commerce, astronomy, physics, chemistry, and industry would have been unthinkable. The lack of such a symbol is one of the serious drawbacks in the Roman numeral system. In addition, the Roman numeral system is difficult to use in any arithmetic operations, such as multiplication. The purpose of this site is to raise students and teachers awareness of issues in working with zero and other numbers. Imprecise mathematical thinking is by no means unknown; however, we need to think more clearly if we are to keep out of confusions.
Professor Hossein Arsham


A Common Fallacy
Dividing by Zero Can Get You into Trouble!
A Sample of the Grown-ups' Arguments Insisting on Dividing by Zero
What About Taking the Limit?
Educating the Educators
Act of Dividing by Zero Is a Meaningless Operation: Forget Its Result
Origin of the Common Fallacy: Dividing by Zero
The Need for Numbers
The Two Notions of Zero
Is Zero Either Positive or Negative?
Is Zero an Even or Odd Number?
Zero is "not there"
Is 1 a Number or Just a "Unit" for Counting?
Origin of Infinity and its Symbol
Other Apparent Difficulties with Zero
Descartes' Representations of Numbers
Vectors and Numbers: Two Distinct Representations of Numbers
Multiplication of Two Fractions
Multiplication of Two Negative Numbers
Trigonometric Functions and Measuring Angles
Mathematics Is for Unification and Extensions
Genealogy of Rational and Irrational Numbers
The Two Numbers Nature Cares Most: Inventions or Discoveries
Equation: Its Structure, Roots, and Solutions
SQRT(4) = +2, and - 2 right? Misplacement of the Sign
1 = 2 right? Confusions between Continuous and Discrete Variables
1 = 5 right? Confusions between Numbers and Operations
Recurring Fractions Are Rational Numbers: Confusions between Series and Their Limits
IEEE Special Floating Point
0 = 1 right?
Taking Square Root of Both Sides of an Equality
Manipulation on Divergent Series
Taking Conventions for Proofs
From Finger Numbers to Computer: The Most Fascinating Journey
Errant Views and Calculator-assisted Experiment
Notes, Further Readings, and References
A Collection of JavaScript E-labs Learning Objects, Europe Mirror Site Collection

Zero Saga
Zero is a number, and a concept for "nothing."
"What number will you get if you break 4 into zero equal parts?" The answer to this question is that, it is impossible to break anything including numbers into zero equal parts. Right. Try to break an apple into zero equal parts!

Zhlanko's Zero Sum Mary

zero lost
zero cries
zero flies
zero complies
zero walks
zero to perdition
zero to witness
zero again
zero happy
zero twisted
zero monkeys
zero dreams
zero repetition
zero happening
zero opening
zero muesli
zero break fast
zero lies
zero tries
zero truth
zero options
zero blindness
zero frogs
zero bust
zero drugs
zero thoughts
zero whispers
zero flips
zero standstill
zero rabbits
zero sleep
zero trip
zero slut
zero guts
zero puke
zero sight
zero pride
zero flowers
zero overcomes
zero tricks
zero bastard
zero shrimps
zero washmachines
zero clings
zero to you
zero fool
zero crazy
zero love
zero hate
zero fate
zero bisexual dandy
zero hetero
zero sapiens
zero plops
zero floppp--s
zero succes
zero loss
zero times
zero space
zero ground
zero cows
zero boys
zero bits
zero bites
zero girls
zero power
zero pleasure
zero sadness
zero madness
zero logic all
zero gadget
zero jazz
zero magic
zero mistress
zero pockets
zero bingo
zero go
zero stop
zero red
zero light
zero fear
zero beast
zero numbers
zero feast
zero plants
zero seeds
zero misdeeds
zero lies
zero pumpernikkel
zero stones
zero bones
zero life
zero death
zero recharge
zero come back
zero come black
zero moslim
zero wasp
zero jew
zero hindu
zero buddha
zero buddhist
zero zen
zero locate the hero
zero and so on
zero soon
zero spoon
zero on the moon
zero interplanetary
zero scary
zero life
zero interchange
zero rearange
zero stance
zero love
zero blowjob
zero machines
zero electricity
zero root
zero babylon
zero the truth is on
zero crush
zero attack
zero bomb
zero backlash
zero local population
zero call
zero prayer
zero suspicion
zero terrorism
zero conception
zero unease
zero trouble
zero friction
zero massacre
zero power
zero force
zero trance
zero dance
zero wake up call
zero good morning
zero alcohol
zero crime
zero tollerance
zero hectic
zero scar
zero forever
zero end ever
zero harsh
zero easy
zero remise
zero rider
zero fighter
zero guerrilla
zero identification
zero network
zero victims
zero interpellation
zero trace
zero stage
zero pollution
zero house
zero mansion
zero dna
zero fathers
zero mothers
zero countries
zero ahead
zero culture
zero accidents
zero roof
zero freedom
zero cuts
zero silence
zero flight
zero noise
zero coöperation
zero clarity
zero inscription
zero words
zero worlds
zero cells
zero detectives
zero operations
zero entry points
zero isolation
zero linkages
zero leaks
zero in order
zero sleep
zero resurrection
zero blood
zero bodies
zero survival
zero come back
zero flock
zero sheppard
zero waits
zero on hold
zero eye
zero sit in
zero be in
zero alive
zero tires
zero moves
zero ties
zero flows
zero bends
zero all ways

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