Friday, June 11, 2004

circology : symbols 


sun, hydrogen, sunshine, gold, plant with a one year life cycle, driving wheel on locomotives, here live bad-tempered people, chimneys, towers, high structures in general,archangel Michael, a center, I have gone home, creative spark of divine consciousness, life energy, heart, blood circulation, backbone, men, leaders, father.

sun, moon, eyes, mouth, pupil of the eye, human spirit, inner individual, eternal, endless, all possibilities, nothing, no possibilites at all, full moon, clear sky, town, community, center of communication, measuring instruments, electric motors,oxygen, alum,center of rotation, female sex, selector, power off, here you get nothing, here you must take care, this is a hospitable house.

tumble-drying or can be tumble-dried, understation with rotating machines.

atom, uranium, plutonium for nuclear bombs, nuclear research, nuclear physics, nuclear reactors.

nothing, zero, absence.

married, new moon, cloudy weather, overcast sky, communities, towns, centers of communication, coal, recording control.


...m O re...


frame circology
Fellowship of the Ring

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