Thursday, June 24, 2004

"transfer of power" 

Sovereignty at Gunpoint: The Reality of the June 30 Hand-Over

The much-hyped "transfer of power" to a new Iraqi government is imminent. But, as usual, mainstream media outlets in the U.S. are missing the bigger picture. What kind of power will this new government have over the country's military, its laws, and its economy? Are we talking about real sovereignty or simply a new face for the occupation, which will continue to be run by the United States from what is going to be the largest U.S. Embassy in the world? Is the hand-over a positive step toward democracy in Iraq or merely a positive campaign move by the Bush administration, which is hoping to win re-election in November?

While OW will continue to select and place articles from the mainstream media under the topic of "Democracy," the following materials are more closely aligned to what OW perceives as the reality of the June 30 hand-over:


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