Wednesday, August 18, 2004

the gods must have been drunk/Liquidationday from heaven-sunday twisted 7 

Saw him running barefoot
Sanctuary is to good
and the surrounding is never understood.

As there is a bar in every town
and some devoted neighbour who cuts his lawn,
one sunday disciples whispered and put the trigger to his head
His temple a bloody mess
The nice sinner starts
to eat his mouldy bread
and drinks more wine
then any penniless priest can pour out
Sacrificial repast,he swears like a trooper
"Hell" he shouts

He's a holy terror embraced by the fates
Love gave him many leap-years and hates
Snaky ways to unburden his heart
The devil,dead drunk and sizzling,
his compagnon to shuffle his cards.

As there is a bar in every town
where I sit barefoot at a table,
sanctuary is to good
for the cripple and thé able
Very sharp,let's play the trumpcard
or maybe we've some chinese roulette
while the devoted neighbour
looks out of his window
into our empty beds.

shared by : Wosky


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