Monday, October 25, 2004

About the red bleeding heat of Jesus 

Translating this story:The buddha with the little squeaker of Rienus Waskowsky(Rotterdam 1932-1977):

Chicago-23 november-"have jesus every moment of the day with you.wear the watch of the man,who abated the water,around your wrist,only 19.95 dollar."
In this way an american concern tries to sell wristwatches of whom the faces of the watch shows the colourful effigy from a smiling jesus christ.the watchhands turn around in the bleeding heart of jesus.
as shown in another advertisement the jesus-watch
representation is very colourful: the resemblance with our saviour is a picture of a jesus,sooo beautiful,depicted in crimson sienna sky-blue sunny yellow jet-black and salmon pink."we didn't give jesus a doll-head,but we have removed him out of the church,taken him from the cross and pulled him on our watch-faces" according to the seller.
the jesus-watches are designed by the industrial designers richard clorfene & robert lockart.they got the idea after seeing somewhere a rubber buddha-statue,one that could squeake.

i noticed & wrote down:the pope distorted to a mr gadget ?

Rome,14 october
to mark his 26 years as pontiff the ferrari concern gives the pope a present, a ferrari - formula one car.the colour for the car will be changed from the usual ferrari-red in another shade of red -crimson of jesus' bleeding heart-motor tires jet-black no pink stemcell research leaves only sunny-yellow sky-blue to drive through.the church face-lift dynamism modernization.
although the pope told he would be best pleased to see a ferrari that wasn't a ferrari.

after all this i found this website ; neonlight in sight:
las vegas - december 2004- pope-a -razzi in a ferrari try to take a close-up of jesus

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