Saturday, October 30, 2004

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Can You Please Do Better Than a Rose Bush ?
by Michael Moore


Dear Lt. George W. Bush,

I hope you don’t mind me referring to you by the only true military rank you ever achieved, that being the one from your on-again, off-again "days" in the, um, Texas Air National Guard. Ever since I saw you in that flyboy outfit, landing on that ship, I assumed you now wanted to be addressed by your military title, as opposed to the civilian rank imposed on you by your dad’s friends.

So, Lieutenant, I was wondering, would you do me a favor ?

Could you please do better than a rose bush ?

I saw the guy on TV yesterday that your boys found, the Iraqi who said he had "planted" some nuclear plans in his "back yard" in Baghdad - 12 years ago - "under a rose bush."

Woo boy. That’s a good one.

. . .


Never a good idea to rely on a bush, Lieutenant.

Michael Moore,
June 30, 2003

mission impossible PS. Sorry, I still can’t get that padded flyboy suit out of my head. I know, I need help. But when you landed on that carrier, and that banner read, "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED," just what mission was that that was accomplished ? ’Cause by my count, more than 50 of our young soldiers have died since you said the mission was accomplished. Anarchy still reigns in Iraq, the Brits are losing kids too, and wacko fundamentalists now seem to ready to rule the land. Women are already being told to cover their faces and shut their mouths, store owners who sell liquor have been executed and movie theaters showing "immoral" Hollywood movies have been forced to shut down. And hey, this isn’t even west Texas ! Maybe you could get back into that jumpsuit, fly over to Baghdad and land at the former Saddam International Airport, jump out and give one of those big happy waves - under a sign that reads, "MISSION IMPOSSIBLE."


Bienvenue sur le Youri's blog
archive 12/2003

Bonjour à tous et bienvenue sur ce blog.
Vous y trouverez des réflexions
sur des sujets qui me
paraissent importants.
Bonne lecture !

Bienvenue sur le Youri's blog

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