Thursday, October 21, 2004

jaws is everywhere: A cold day in hell.... 

my chronicles: A cold day in hell....

jaws is everywhere
Gender: male
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Industry: Student
Location: phoenix :
arionza : United States
About Me
My life is like this: wake up to
parents who don't like who you are in anyway, argue with a step-dad, who you
continuesly get into fist fights with, listen to a mother who wants you to be
some little loser dude, go to a school with no one like you there, and then
remember the memories of the person who ment the most to you, and is now gone. I
know there are others who can easily top my pathetic story, and there are those
who think I'm whinnig, but they can't change the hurt in this troubled body of
mine. I'm not okay, and I need some help.

The wicked backspin caught you
off guard. How will you play it off without losing your footing?
I won't...
somethings that happen we have no power over, and there are other things that we
can change.

The things that get me off the pain is
skateboarding listening to music and a very good friend of mine.
Big Fish The Chronicles of Riddik The Punisher.
Favorite Music
Pretty much anything with guitars in it.
Favorite Books
The Dark
Tower series from Steven King are the best.

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