Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The men in white coats are winning, slowly 

Oct 7th 2004
From The Economist

The non-food use of genetic modification is moving ahead on several fronts. But it still has obstacles to overcome, and far to go

IF YOU are a stay-at-home European or Australian, it is quite possible that never, knowingly or not, have you eaten any genetically modified (GM) product. But, unknowingly, you may well be wearing one right now: GM cotton is widely grown. And you may have been treated with a drug produced with the use of GM. Wide public support has enabled anti-GM zealots to win battles on the food front in Europe and elsewhere; and fear of losing trade deters GM in other countries that grow and export the stuff, even if they would readily eat it themselves. Yet, overall, the enemies of GM are losing the war.

Economist.com | Non-food GM

via Slashdot (lots of comments there!)


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