Thursday, October 21, 2004

Sleepless Nights 

Gram Parsons
Words and Music by F. Bryant and B. Bryant

G - D - G
Thru the sleepless nights I cry for you

C - F - B7 - Em - G7
And wonder who is kissing you

C - D - G - D
Oh these sleepless nights will break my heart in two

G - D - G
Somehow thru the day I don't give in

C - F - B7 - Em - G7
I hide the tears that wait within

C - D - G
Oh these sleepless nights will break my heart again

B7 - Em - B7 - Em - D
Why did you go why did you go

C - G - B7 - D
Don't you know don't you know I need you

from The Gram Parsons Homepage

listen to the "live" version of Norah Jones (->media ->streaming audio)


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