Thursday, November 18, 2004

Reality a lie - Lie a reality 

Reality a lie
Lie a reality

Living in Plastic - land
test-dummies ruled
by same powerpsycho bestial mis-leaders
creating spleen.

Hiding in holes and catacombs
natural equilibrance developped young and old children:positif energy burn,innocent and brandnew.
What else have we to do

As long as Himalaya Bhutan leaders
are same humble,simply living as their citizens
and more concerned
about their citizens welfare
than about their national production proceeds,
Catacomb baby, positif energy burn,innocent and brandnew

As long as Himalaya Bhutanese peaceful share,
all this other Bush,Putin,Sjeiks and China-"emperors" are out of time,years beyond and out of style
Only their wallets let them shortly,
temporarely reign with unpowerful grime.
Notice:Their eyes don't sparkle or smile.
Only nature devine so:
Catacomb baby, positif energy burn,innocent and brandnew.
What else have we to do

Living Plastic-Land
every procedure of human evil is transparant,
what they put in front of you and me
we refuse to chew;
Catacomb baby, burn, innocent and brandnew
What else have we to do

... let the fighters fight over their constructed
fairy tales searching for their so-called promised land and
don't let them make victims in countries populations
let them play gladiator
send them an alligator
see you later;spâter
fighting them barehand
in their massacre promised land
in their overwhelming
unnecessary consumer stuff arena
we overtalk the stand.

Earths natural beauty was ,is and always be the promised land;
It's all here but
Psycho murder leaders are stupid and undevelopped ;it's in massacre showed
they can't overtalk patient and come to agreements.
Their purpose is very old fashioned:their idea to live on in books as great powerful leaders by massacre.
The small bookworms rejected them first and eat them great powerful leaders names.
Only innocent war victims live on,not in books but in hearts & souls;
Shame and disbelief in killer-earth rulers :are this educated,so called civilised humans ?

So this place was always their silly bad taste joke
Welcome ourselves to the ball-masqué
Saw the Dauphin,saw him choke
Eyes half closed
and filled with colours in our minds
Living Catacomb Nocturama
nothing to loose,nothing to find.

On TV;all you and me can see rulers lies and alibies
circling far from their promised land
not really interested in people united
but in total control over people

Living Plastic Land as a whole
we've left our soul bouncing in a blissful bowl
Catacomb baby,burn,innocent & brandnew.

Reality a lie
Lie a reality

The sea will show why
nobody can eternal
sell or buy any lie.

shared by : wosky


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