Thursday, January 20, 2005

MLFP Charter 

I had a dream
of free ali and other baba's ev'rywhere
on flying carpets
In the morning 2nd 4 year-inauguration
I spread it througout my worldnation:
I got a message from behind the stars;
a voice in my head told me only I,us and our disciples have all and only powerrights
in fact these are short,spare and shabby in dead ending history books craps
in fact all murdering and oppressing rifraf I and from all nations powerraised disciples are
but we can't admit we are so and tell you that y
I,us,disciples, have the task to create and develop ev'rywhere a never-before-existing big resistance
we are the god that proclames being the creators the world turns around ;
so in our boredom we have some to us positive things to do
even if we have to put the world in dark,bloody nights
A mouthful of abroad freedomfights I the leader and allies lie
while ev'rywhere and in my beloved country
more and more citizens are poor,never free
and sleep under the bare sky
The stars
handed I,us and disciples over a brandnew
sixth terrorist non sense commandmentslist:
us holy defense orders:
cu-bah! cu-bah! cu-bah!
us holy defense orders:
whi-whi-whi-whi-whitenhouse russiààààà
us holy defense orders:
bio bio bio bio birmààààà chem ?
us holy defense orders:
before us sold many weapons
to ev'ryone able to pay
so barbaric practices can unfold
but us only may use them great-scale
uranium-debris us we're at the worlds centerfold
shoot the moon: more brainless dollarses pray:
in the name of the father,son,holy ghost patriot
us defense and disciples spread and riot
clean the world for a new workin' slaves breed to rise and obey
free worldvoices,workin'men;women,children freez'n frost
Hussite paradise lost
God loves us and dissciples the most
Rice the G's and drop the host
drink the rum field the battle
put the cheney round them necks
fire and bomb from behind the bush
so we can crush
2nd 4 year inauguration:
more ashes to ashes
for the Trust !
more dust to dust
kill life for moneylust !
hush up !
ache ache
to make the world a better place !
Worldcitizens ! don't be frightened of all local God and greedy discipels
our message from beyond the stars
is just the same as past insanity 2nd worldwar history
again nothing but an outrageous cruel human-devilish dictator plot
kapitalism framing "roger the worker" plot
not obeying all are terrorist and thus oppressed ,shot
Us are the misleading leaders in the names of God
>From beyond the stars
us received the omen:
if troubles;amen

shared by : wosky


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