Tuesday, February 08, 2005

O ged O chteken 

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Turned another daytime around
O advance

always n O w

g OO d

Saw people

who still think

the earth is flat

with a big angry decider above,
god or a president
created to lack a lot of nature and love.
Saw a driving and running around
a noise in most compounds
drilling holes and scars
stressed faces and empty looks
they never got O ut flat space,
It wasn't in the schoolbooks
to think for themselves
Learned what others
in a past thought and made alive:
polarisation bribe
In daily little lifetime business strive
they shot Galileo's findings down
counting hours,days,months,years
devidings hallucinations put on earths windings
in political systems illusions grinding
in hope of finding
something more than just natural be.

That's called adult:
confortably numb number 1


Turned another nighttime around
O advance
always n O w
O morrow is another daytime n O w
g OO d
ain't that g OO d

if everyone understood
just to share air,water,fire and earth
as a peaceful wood

shared by : wosky


in the name of the whole joyco franks thanks for the time and the Oo0°¨...s
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