Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Complexity & Artificial Life Research Concept 

for Self-Organizing Systems

dedicated to modern systems thinking in all its various forms
an on-line educational activity of CALResCo,
for scientist, artist and humanist, young and old

"Here we will introduce the integrating sciences of Complex Systems and of ALife together with related systems areas. We'll also pursue the wider social implications of these transdisciplinary theories of self-organization on mind, art, spirit and life as it could be...
Are these the eagerly awaited questions behind "Life, the Universe and Everything" ?

Not quite... Even our infinite improbability drive can't take you there. But on this site, effects drive causes, answers pose the questions, science and values merge and we take trips into strange new worlds, travelling in an unreal Phase Space within hidden dimensions.

Fiction ? You may well think so. Yet everything here is pure science, with lots of art and philosophy thrown in free, reflecting what's striking and best in recent research (our own and that of others) in the new contextual sciences of Complexity Theory plus associated fields. This is the creative, and very human, scientific world of tomorrow.
Our aim is to educate, to entertain, to inspire, but most of all to expand your mind into new thought patterns - those of the 21st Century, where science, arts, humanity and spirit will again be one. Enjoy your trip...

But be warned - this site is conceptually demanding, those 'truths' you know are but shadows. Once infected by our alien thought virus, you will never be quite 'normal' again... You will begin to mutate, morphing up to a higher level, our level, beings whose abilities cross universes, transcend cultures, break free. Finally understanding the true beauty of sharing. Or you may sink down into insanity... Dare YOU take that risk ?"


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