Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Habimus Zero 

Habimus Zero
Habimus BidonVillain
Habimus du Pain et du Paturain
Habimus Verlaine
Habimus Fundamentalist Haines et Chagrins
Habimus Inquisitions

Errors in youth
Hitler Jugend
White and Black smoke
Religions: Whore's contra Virgin's Dope
Children and Women are Treasures
and no Mistreated SomeMen's Power and Wealthhope

All TowerPlanes and AntiCondom
Talking 'bout Sodom & Gommor...Ah
Time and Place tumble upside down
Holy Spirit wipes the Thorny Crown
Earth's Nature dress up for the Love and Respect Gown

Rat singer
Come a peaceful,universal brain way
Cos no one 's heretic or sinner
In GodsAllah's eyes All living creatures
are error children

If your heart turns a flower
you are a seed of love
don't need a God to blame or praise above
don't need jealousy or to put the blames
on Satan,Magicians,Witches or just your neighbour.

Habimus Zero

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