Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Claudettes on Film the ToyDolls 

Radio Gaga
Radio Googoo
After Clo-Clo was remembered
being electrocuted in bath
I remembered
Few heroes die in bed
Misleaded heroes die in gutters of blood
They had to dig the trenches themselves
to protect themselves after believing insane leaders ideas,
held for reality
in a world were Notion-and Goalthinkers
dropped lying flyers
no saké while constructing bad sake and good sake privilege slut economy 'till Enola Gay

Pushed these days in what looks like an Operadecor
Not possible to wind back the clock oncemore
James Bond is Jimmy Bondage

The Edge
To polish gold and diamonds use Pledge
The River takes back
Too many tall Bills are the postmen these days
No ringing twice from a Jack
He threw away his postsack
never went back
Consume was the promise-order
running around an enormous rubbish -dump to pay
Jack is whistling in the hay

Clo-Clo took the soap
He sang "Let's Man-Ray
The radio sreamed marshmallow music
Another The Gathering program

Clo-Clo was singing
The marshmallowmusic stopped
and a voice said the saints were walking in
The lonely saints
only surrounded by soldiers marching in
and some war veterans shuffling out;
the few lucky ones who survived

2000 years singing in the bath
After singing in the rain 2000 years ago
some powerful,wealthy ancestor
was bored
He decided to deny Creation to increase by provocation his power and wealth.
by creating the Poor,the Bad and the Ugly

Clo-Clo's skin was wrinkling
after 2000 years mindtub
his hands skinned to the bone like a napalm victim

Clo-Clo stayed in bath
singing a drawning-room piece
Draw minus n must be a good exercise
Salon of provocation?
An old fashioned word
It's replaced by extremism ,terrorism
in Modern Times';
same notion and goals
inner cities are unreachable these days
hermetical closed
but not to Chaplin
He never acted Checkpoint Charlie
nor the Bridge over the River Kwai

The powerful and wealthy seem getting afraid
these days
Soapperiferique the O-pera Atomique
Since blown-up bridges technics used;
a negative purpose for a negative solution
they float lonely unwisely far away;
into old construction awareness they drawn
Overprotected as if they dream their own assassination,afraid thinking 'bout their own death at night
City Nights
City Lights
Poor Men
Shitty Shitty BangBang
Oppression and not giving opportunity
to a new developing awareness
To Chill Bill

Clo-Clo singing
a positive electrofication
a hot bath very once in awhile
a luxuary item
an abused waterwonder
in a watery world enough
were money privilege
has electric chairs
Sponge Bob Punishments
and never forget
to support your local Nuclear Coolwatertower
To be is out of style
Achievement liberates
create yourself seventie two years
of 48 hours
in a day
an economical way
Uncle Moneysturmführer wants you to stay
Doctor Who's sake ?
Clockwork Orange Agent
Grace Jeremiah Jones
La porte est claquée
The money is Moule! Zero! Parqué!

hates the radio-Tv-advertisements
Who doesn't ?

Order your knitted trousers
pure cloned Dollysheepwoolmark
Payement and Price you can find
in Trois Suisse Catalogue
Creutzfeld Jacob changed La Vache qui rit qui pleurt
There's hope, the Unicorn returns soon
If you see him flying keep in mind
this clone isn't our product
He has beautiful wings
while we brainwash on freedom,for freedom
Mind we prefer downpayments on dripping accounts
in exchange we can assure you a kinda fake freedom
Ofcourse this assurance is worth another downpayment from you.
We provide no wings.

And now :Music Folks !
Mamy,want you buy me a rubber dolly !??

A brandnew mindwell can't stop
Clo-Clo sings:
The Opera,The Opera
The curtain drops

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