Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Monster of Zerostein 


The Monster of Zerostein is alive !!!!!

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Just like the Monster of Frankenstein, developped in earlier days by Webmaster Frank the Monster of Zerostein came to existance for the benefit of zero
zerofbintelligence, zerociantelligence, zerowar, zerovictims, zeromoneypower, zerofundamentalism, zeroracism, zeroborders, zeroetcetera
Webmaster Frank and his big worldtribe got many years ago a vision:
Positive Chaos created the Monster of Zerostein.
While the concretemaffia builds
and the oilmaffia tanks
the Monster of Frankenstein devores the Wall.
The Monster of Zerostein is just like the Monster of Frankenstein; not attacking people but rather bad attitudes within sucking,corrupt systems.
We could capture the Monster of Zerostein on photo once; as you can see: it has a O shape and flies in optical egg-formed shape.
The more useless bricks of the Wall it devores the browner its colour.

shared by : Wosky



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