Friday, July 15, 2005

Fridge Noize 

The Underground of a pumpkinshaped fungy object in our fridge
Freeze Frame ,we definitly have to clean it
We detected several undergrounds:
sticky oily
yellow gold
diamond spotted
muddling foggy blasted
bulb bombed frayed black
To get out of trouble even with U2:
We didn't abuse our feeding behaviour
We weren't hungry
We got the pumpkinshaped object from the second hand food shop
and the fridge was broken thus warming up
We refused to eat the thing
not to spread pumpkinfever or fungyobject- pox

when introduced to the first fridge
we tested the thing by putting a cup of water in it
Later that day we opened the door;
The incredible shrinkin'(or how indians can turn to a nearly invisible state of being) Crazy Horse and Geronimo spoke this great universal message to us from the Twin Tipies:
Have a close look in the cup of water,
Float on your vision quest
The only superior is the lake
where the mighty Manitou is awake

shared by : Wosky



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