Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sadako and the peace cranes. 

Photo by Jon Honda
of Seattle, WA.

August 6th has been 60 year since the horrors of Hiroshima.

After the extreme atrocity of the nuclear attack on Hiroshima, many were left ill or dying. One little girl, her name was Sadako, was struck by leukemia ten years after the dreaded attack. Years before she had been told the legend of the thousand cranes: one that would fold a thousand paper cranes, would be granted a wish... Longing to be able to walk again she set out folding cranes from the wrappers of medicine bottles. Sadly, after finishing over six hundred paper birds, she passed away...

Since then, the origami crane has been known as the peace crane, and has become a symbol of world peace due to the strength Sadako showed while fighting against her illness.

Learn how to fold the peace crane in contribution to our ongoing inner effort for world peace and let the story live among your friends and relatives: http://www.sadako.org/foldingcranes.htm

World Peace Project for Children


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