Saturday, September 03, 2005

10 cent Quinten Tarantino Brinkollage,same old INXS joke 

Hello,I'm the new chairman of Brinxs
and I brink to u that money stinks
We asked for a whole lotta plof-coffers
I brinks to u Brinxs is gonna leave this country soon
if our securitymen aren't save
cos' which is plof and which is coffer ?
What trouble became money and what sorrow ev'ry human offer ?
Who became butcher and slave-driver for its sake
and who became his victim and slave

Destroyed money ?
A new occupation-therapy:
for all the cads in egoconomical chase:
imprint new murderpapers,give them a value
Frightening case

Meanwhile Belgian Fries wrapped in the check- and stocklists
with a kwak,
turd,plump,dump of post-Maonaisse

The books were found consummate correct
If closed a defraud one and the corrupt second eye
after flushing the meal with a lot of sekt

What a song:
And if all exploded years to soon
marketing and martyrs
I'm so afraid soon I'll be the maroon
and see you as a pennyless Martian on the Moon
or worse:as an enmeshed valuepaperbinder on Borneo in a terrible monsoon

Why did go-getters made it all so damned complicated
Why did they make the margin of profits to ev'ryone so selfish now inflated
Fraudulous caste made goldfingers and godfathers in one day for such a long time
and now
Godly pray for plof-coffers
and how
multiply them,oh Lord
we were stucked- in and rusted on to money so long so well
and now our cash- balance is at the burning mouth of hell

meanwhile in the moneytronicmac-china
Answer my go-getters prayer please
Otherwise,if you're not heavenhome:
Manipulate me
Make me a soya-bean
Make me a pisang-ambon flavoured ice-cream
Let me run crop-circles for you
But please throw your first 10 cent-manna to me for a portion of Belgian Fries
with a turd,plump,dump of post-maonnaise
This will do

I'll kiss your feet
and your tri-colore banners
the wounds will bleed again
just like in the old fashioned conservative way the caste starts to exploit again with bloody hands and greasy manners

shared by : Wosky


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