Monday, September 26, 2005

PROJECT 3000 met o.a. the Joyous Cosmology 

Van 29 september '05 - 02 oktober '05

3000m² beeldend talent in een oude loods aan de Vaartkom in Leuven!

Donderdag 29 september 2005

Vanaf 19u zijn de genodigden welkom op de vernissage van 3000.

19u: Start live-installatie Kristoff Bogaerts.
19.30u: Performance Philippe Van Damme
21u: Filip Jordens et les p'tits mozarts de ce soir met hun 'Hommage à Brel'.

Vrijdag 30 september 2005
Om 14u opent 3000 zijn deuren voor iedereen.

14u-22u: gratis toegang tentoonstelling 3000
19u: performance Philippe Van Damme
20u: performance Ludo Mich
22u: party. 3€ inkom.

Zaterdag 01 oktober 2005

14u-22u: gratis toegang tentoonstelling 3000

18u: live-optreden Joyous Cosmology
20u: performance 'Cirque du Trou'
21u: Dez Mona
22u: Kristoff Bogaerts onthult zijn performance waarna de grote 3000 party van start gaat!

Zondag 02 oktober 2005
14u-18u: gratis toegang tentoonstelling 3000
16u: live-muziek met een tasje koffie en een stuk taart.

3000m² KUNST

3000 kunstproject tentoonstelling Leuven

_____________>update: recorded live @project3000: cannibal killer

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bonus:the first videoclip of the Joyous Cosmology is called
INTRO (to start with)


nice to know... hope you had fun... forgot about all the hours we spent at begijnenstraat for free... hardly no rent... experimental time... all the arranged performances the driving around the making of flyers spreading them and so on... but now it got bussiness and the founding father got kicked out! no top of the bill anymore for poetrynight... that's pretty clear... thankx for calling me... i spent all my money calling you all last year... gathering you together time after time... but it really doesn't matter after all... I will start a new project: I wish you all good luck!
It's up to you to be there during our repetitions and gigs. You knew about this gig.
We know about you not having a lot of time and all. It must be hard for you. I hope we can talk this out. It matters to us.
We'll call you
It matters to us.
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