Tuesday, September 20, 2005

What Is Fascism? - Fear 

In this preview of the film "What Is Fascism?", the Irate Cinema Underground documents how the United States government has used incrementalism to prepare us for government tyranny using the false pretense of terrorism or law & order. This portion of the film covers random fourth-amendment violating drug searches in and out of schools as well as how the threat of terrorism is used to force us into submission.

Filmmaker Comments
This film is still a work-in-progress. Other parts of the film are currently being completed. Any criticism is welcome as long as it's friendly. :-)

Filmmaker Bio
Rev. Dionysus is a film-maker, actor, and writer. He co-founded the group of independent cinema misfits, the Irate Cinema Underground (ICU), which expresses their views and ideals through film. His main interest in film is political satire. Some of his films include "Sexual Perversions," "Artificial Immuno-Deficiency Virus," "3 and a half minute love," "Satire," and "Resistance." He can be found at www.iratecinemaunderground.com

"[That] Sex Perversions kid has talent." -Will Keenan, of "Tromeo & Juliet"

"Your films will be better than Troma." - Lloyd Kaufman, Troma Studios

"At what point does the ICU stop becoming film makers, and start becoming terrorists?" -dufoenet

Undergroundfilm.org - Independent Movie Distribution: What Is Fascism? - Fear


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