Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Anarchist blues in maternal C 

there I was
sitting in maternal
nurses coming in
cleaning the Mother
feeding the Mother
check in the Child
the doctor
and his assistant
another doctor
yet another One
enter the cleaning ladies
clean the floor
purify the Mother
clean the Child
visiting hOur
Friends come
blue Light
for better Skin
I the Father
eye the Father
running for Food
for money
to pay the bills
for some more Food
for more clothes
and so ON
keep on smiling
and so on
make a poster
for the Band
and a flyer
deliver it on time
for the gig
what great poster
it was wasn't it?
but the Members
of the band
forgot to pick it up
forgot about the Mother
forgot about the Father
forgot about their own birth
and rebirth
forgot about it all
or didn't have a clue
what it was
to raise a child
so kicked the Father out
of the Band
it's only rock
and roll another One
learn to forget the circles of Life
the great Offerings in Time
look into the Mirror
and find the Other:
Kick out the jams Motherfuckers!

Comment: a little bit irritated
the calls I made to make the band survive
the space I created
the energy I inflated
it's such a shame
we all get to lose
some day
I will live your life
you will live mine
shall we remain blind
even then?

shared by : ANTI STRESS POET


dear erwin,

it saddens me that you feel it this way.

we have been working on our music every week, very intense. with results. there was a frustration too: "too sad we're not complete". that's why, when you told me you wanted to leave the group, i proposed to make a distinction between gig's with and without antistresspoweet. i hoped this would make it all easier for everybody to fill in his or hers involvement.
we have a rehearsel this friday @ 'tnief badhuis 8.00pm. you are welcome!
we have a gig saturday 8.pm: www.kuklos.tk you are welcome!

i hope we can talk this out!
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