Monday, October 31, 2005


Cyberia,high in the sky
All's built on a lie
Our blood runs in strangers veins
A poor man's delirium is what remains
in spaceship novokoetznesk & co,where-everyou go
For now,Laïka's as death as is hope
Grief in patience we,aboriginals circle sighberia around
while all sinks
while all links
we circle in the sky
'till our previous lives strike
we lived from fishing and hunt nice and good
Crocodile leaders killed,stole land & pride
and now we live on Whisky and Vodka a hell in the black sky;
but as long as some stars twinkle
we know our woods and rivers return
our wood-& rivergods make us survive
they're all and
bigger than maniacal manhoodpride
and wash away
their tooth for a thoot
their eye for an eye

shared by : wosky


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