Saturday, October 08, 2005

Zero Lounge and Zero Launch 

Space- man
looking at the Earth
so fragile and mistreated
he has a reason

Women and Children
in war
in starvation
in circumcision
in violence
not cherised
the tipi's door
was low
and had two meanings:
1)when the men came home from the hunt
they had to bow respectful
for the women & children
2)the men welcome in a warm refuge

For a patriot has not
For a materialist has not
a thing
that has a lot of meaning
to Earth's wellgoing
When all go ill by pollution
When all get psycho stressed
wiil human's comprehend
the treasure was good health,
a meaningful work in normal tempo,
clean air,clean water,clean food
timefor respect for each other
and some peace of mind, natural rest

looking at the Earth
so fragile and mistreated
the woman and children
wandering around on Earth

All sense is damaged
speaks their melancholic eyes
Time to change many human
theirthinking lost in men-made labyrinth


Alsjenog's verder wil zien bij ZERO CHILD misschien nog meer...
en misschien dit ?Wadenkte ?
en legtze tmor isuit
en music ofcourse:

shared by : wosky


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