Wednesday, November 02, 2005


homo digital
"sorry I don't have time
I've a patriotic dutyhammer in the morning
and coffeespeed to scare dustman away
I have a godly mission
I've to give a speech to MY homo dung-beetles"

homo digitalis
"sorry I don't have time enough
I am an homo earth-investor,my biorythm needs a drill
Here... choose,they're good stuff man !
Do you want some pill?"

homo digit
middle finger
sorry I don't have time to think 'bout anything else
"Do you like MY suit,MY cars,My yacht,My plane,My house,MY mistresses?"
"Do you like MY prefab-ulous lifestyle?"
"Do you like MY over-ruling,no scruples scrounge business?"
"Do you like ME,ME,ME?"

homo crusty
"sorry I don't have time
the road gets dusty
we approach LA-Watts
I can't drive in to that
Homo Indigo
cripples there
I,I,I have no such colourful mind
Only MY, MY ,MY money on my mind
My carplate says CHEOPS,
'till the world pops"

Homo Digit
middle finger
"sorry ,I don't have time
so I bubble some craptale
in between the Champagne
My bad Cheops reputation,say crime:
tons of stones and roads's all what's left
and millions of my victims burried to suit my Cobra -theft"

homo insatiably insanitus
"Hey man,look,time for interviewing me is over & out
Get out of MY car,here..;,I drop you at the Keenthorny Grine Chicken at the corner overthere
Censored thy will be,nothing than covered good God -blessed words 'bout me,God told me in a dream I am his earth-investor,it is ME,ME,ME
Greets to your wife and try to teach your children only economically investor-pupil well
All other values to hell

"Do you like ME,ME,ME?"
"Do you want to remember ME,ME,ME?"

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